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Jun 02 Insider/Sitko buys XOMA
Insider/Sebastiani buys BSPE
Insider/Higley buys CLRO
Insider/Grover buys FOMC
Insider/De buys IART
Insider/Yoon buys TERN
Insider/Tisch buys L
Insider/Thrivent buys CADEX
Insider/Lipson buys SOR
Insider/Danzik buys FLCX
Insider/Leekong buys CGBD
Insider buys TLYS
Insider/Daniel buys DOMO
Insider/Robins buys BIG
Insider/Clark buys AL
Insider/Forman buys FSCO
Insider/Young buys BOWL
Insider/Poynot buys CBNK
Insider/Guzy buys PUBC
Insider/Albright buys PINE
Insider/Ebsworth buys EOD
Insider/Antonello buys EIG
Insider buys CBRG
Insider/Mclaughlin buys SNOW
Insider/Ebsworth buys ERH
Insider/Green buys ABR
Insider/Ebsworth buys ERC
Insider/Ebsworth buys EAD
Insider/Baker buys FRPH
Insider/Damore buys LYRA
Insider/Steinman buys ATNF
Insider/Forth buys ATLO
Insider/Bernstein buys SBIG
Insider/Rossen buys ZD
Insider/Longo buys HIBB
Insider/Riggs buys CLXT
Insider/Holtzman buys TTEC
Mar 31 Davidson Kempner buys IWM/Put
Philippe Laffont/Coatue decreases DASH
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys COIN
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys CVNA
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys AI
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys GOOG
Michael Burry/Scion buys ZM
Michael Burry/Scion buys WAL
Michael Burry/Scion buys WFC
Michael Burry/Scion buys CI
Michael Burry/Scion buys SIG
Michael Burry/Scion buys SBSW
Michael Burry/Scion buys PACW
Michael Burry/Scion buys NOV
Michael Burry/Scion buys NYCB
Michael Burry/Scion buys LILAK
Michael Burry/Scion buys HBAN
Michael Burry/Scion buys FRC
Michael Burry/Scion buys DVN
Michael Burry/Scion buys CTRA
Michael Burry/Scion buys COF
Davidson Kempner buys SJR
Davidson Kempner buys RCI
Davidson Kempner buys OLLI
Davidson Kempner buys OSH
Davidson Kempner buys NATI
Davidson Kempner buys MCD
Davidson Kempner buys KDP
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys FSR
Davidson Kempner buys QQQ/Put
Davidson Kempner buys FHN
Davidson Kempner buys BP
Davidson Kempner buys AQN
Ray Dalio/Bridgewater buys UPS
Ray Dalio/Bridgewater buys PSX
Ray Dalio/Bridgewater buys PAYC
Ray Dalio/Bridgewater buys LYB
Ray Dalio/Bridgewater buys LOW
Ray Dalio/Bridgewater buys HD
Ray Dalio/Bridgewater buys FHN
Ray Dalio/Bridgewater buys CDW
Ray Dalio/Bridgewater buys APD
George Soros/Soros Fund closes TSLA/Call
George Soros/Soros Fund closes COF/Put
George Soros/Soros Fund decreases SPY/Put
George Soros/Soros Fund decreases LQD/Put
George Soros/Soros Fund decreases HYG/Put
George Soros/Soros Fund decreases FXI/Call
George Soros/Soros Fund decreases QQQ/Put
George Soros/Soros Fund buys AWK