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Apr 17 Insider buys STCN
Insider/Goldstein buys FIS
Insider/Lai buys PETVW
Insider/Otting buys N/A
Insider/Korsmo buys NONE
Insider/Jones buys NEOG
Apr 16 Insider/Robo buys None
Insider/Bennett buys AINC
Insider buys JETMF
Apr 15 Insider/Smith buys PKTX
Insider/Edelman buys ACRV
Insider/Bowen buys FTHY
Insider/Bradsher buys OCX
Insider/Flores buys CLAQ
Insider/Difronzo buys SAIC
Insider/Bhandari buys WBA
Insider/Dobrinski buys AGMA
Apr 12 Insider/Pendarvis buys WDFC
Insider/Oliver buys RYES
Insider/Hare buys LGVN
Insider/Fischer buys ANFC
Insider/Mclernon buys VFF
Insider/Goetz buys THQ
Apr 11 Insider/Hanna buys ATLC
Insider/Deveer buys PTN
Insider/Emanuel buys TKO
Insider/Adams buys SGH
Insider/Finn buys ATOWW
Insider/Grumhaus buys DPG
Mar 31 Charlie Munger/Daily Jnl decreases BABA
Dec 31 John Paulson increases NMRK
John Paulson increases MDGL
Paul Singer/Elliot decreases SU/Call
Paul Singer/Elliot buys XRT/Put
Paul Singer/Elliot buys XME/Put
Paul Singer/Elliot increases IWM/Put
Paul Singer/Elliot increases IBB/Put
Paul Singer/Elliot increases QQQ/Put
Paul Singer/Elliot buys ETSY
Paul Singer/Elliot buys BMRN
Tiger Global buys DXCM
Tiger Global buys AVGO
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys NOW
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys NEE
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys NTES
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys INTC
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys ILMN
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys GM
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys F
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys DPZ
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys BURL
Philippe Laffont/Coatue buys BILL
Michael Burry/Scion closes SOXX/Put
Michael Burry/Scion buys WBD
Michael Burry/Scion buys VTLE
Michael Burry/Scion buys TOST
Michael Burry/Scion buys ORCL
Michael Burry/Scion buys MGM
Michael Burry/Scion buys MTD
John Paulson closes HZNP
Michael Burry/Scion buys CVS
Michael Burry/Scion buys C
Michael Burry/Scion buys BRKR
Michael Burry/Scion decreases BKNG/Put
Michael Burry/Scion buys SQ
Michael Burry/Scion buys BIG
Michael Burry/Scion buys ACIC
Michael Burry/Scion buys AMZN
Michael Burry/Scion buys GOOGL
Michael Burry/Scion buys AAP
George Soros/Soros Fund buys SPY/Put
George Soros/Soros Fund increases SNAP
George Soros/Soros Fund decreases XLU/Call
George Soros/Soros Fund increases OKTA/Call
George Soros/Soros Fund decreases TLT/Call
George Soros/Soros Fund decreases QQQ/Put
George Soros/Soros Fund buys COF/Put
George Soros/Soros Fund decreases AYX/Call
Michael Burry/Scion buys HCA